Research in art history on the relations between the arts and new media

This book is a joint publication of the German Centre for Art History (DFK) Paris, NAIMA and the digital platform arthistoricum of the University of Heidelberg.
This publication distances itself from the mythology of new media as a symbol of modernity, seeking to grasp these issues through artistic practices. Far from the technological determinism that has contributed to structuring the field, it approaches media and techniques as tools for investigating art and culture. Twenty-four scholarly and artistic contributions offer an extensive mapping of the most recent research, reconfiguring our understanding of museum practices, of the role of technology, and of the artistic object and the experience of audiences. Offered in two environments, online and in print, this collection puts into practice these new mediations.
With the editorial participation of Sara Alonso Gómez, François Aubart, Juliette Bessette, Marie-Laure Delaporte, Claus Gunti, Caroline Marié, Julie Martin and Marie Vicet.

Digital publishing web, pdf, print on demand