Pauline Abascal, La boîte orageuse

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La boîte orageuse (2018, 6 min 39) is a series of video episodes produced during the artist’s residency at Villa Kujoyama in 2018.
It is a vernacular cartography of the Japanese textile industry. The sites have been listed for their technical and cultural specifications. But what emerges, in the end, from these immersions is the poetry of the workers’ actions inside these factories. There are no pedagogical aspects to this series, the narration is created in relationships of colours and spaces. The times are slow to immerse the spectator in a kind of contemplation amplified by the repetitive sound of the machines and peculiar to the world of the factory.
Durée : 6 min 39
Année de production : 2018
Réalisation : Pauline Abascal
Production : Pauline Abascal, Villa Kujoyama, 2018